Swinging Pipe Automatic Welding Machine for Short Spool

Model: SPAWM-16Aa/24Aa

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600

Поделение мнений:


Performance Features: Suitable for the pipe spool with fillet weld(such as slip-on flange); able toswing the rotator for multi-angle fillet welding;equipped with: one swinging welding rotator; two movable trolleys with supporting wheels; one traveling cantilever welding trolley;standard configuration: Lincoln CV500 inverter welding power;using QSPT's root welding technology for MIG root,fill in and cap welding; operation through a streamline welding control cabinet + an aluminum alloy wire control box.

Rotator drive, rotator press down, cantilever trolley welding

One-time clamping, multi-pass welding

Fillet weld, ship-shaped weld

Capable of certain 2D & 3D weld

Standard configuration: Lincoln CV500


Max. DN600

Max. 300DI/D(MIG+ MIG)

Max. equivalent to 6 welders