3D Storage Warehouse for Pipe

Model: PS3DW-16Aa/24Aa

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600

Поделение мнений:


Performance Features: Its compose of 3D Storage rack, stocker, conveying trolley, IPC etc 4 portions; standard configuration of storage rack are two rows & two lines, can be layered & separated level to pipe storage; The stacker can carry out automatic longitudinal lifting and horizontal movement of pipe; the conveying trolley can automatically feeding pipes into and out of three-dimensional warehouses (dispensers), pipe diameter is applicable DN600, pipe wall thickness 30mm, pipe length 12 meters; The real-time control of industrial computer with management system software is carried out to realize the fast storage and take out of single pipe. Its can real-time shared storage information withPipe Shop Fabrication Intelligent Management software.

Leading product of the era, development trends of the future

Foundation of intelligent pipe prefabrication

Non-3D, not smart, small space yet big capacity

Controlled by industrial computer CNC

Intelligent identification, intelligent stacking, intelligent reclaiming