Piping All-position Automatic Welding Machine(Magnetic Type)

Model: PAAWM-00Aa

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400-1400

Поделение мнений:


Performance Features:It is suitable for filling & final welding of field (fixed) weld joint for long distance pipeline construction or site installation; Carbon steel pipelinewelding require no guide rail, the magnetic wheelautomatically crawling adsorption on the pipeline, the carriage rotation speed is stepless speed regulation, the torch can be adjusted angle along with the axial direction of pipeline, the torch can be adjusted angle perpendicular to axial direction of pipeline; The torch can be adjusted distance along with with the radial direction of pipeline, it is equipped standard configuration with HiArcM500A welding power source, solid welding wire + mixed gas& downhill welding, flux-cored wire + mixed gas& uphill welding.

Patented technology

Magnetic type, no rails required

Wireless remote control

Real-time parameter adjustment

Solid welding wire downhill welding

Flux-cored wire uphill welding

Especially suitable for in field weld joints

Especially suitable for in field weld joints