Pipe Fabrication Automatic Welding Centre (Rotator + Self-weight) (Slip-on Flange)

Model: PFAWC-16Ba/24Ba/32Ba/48Ba/64Ba

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600/DN800/DN1200/DN1600

Поделение мнений:


Performance features: classic product; widely used in industries like marine, mine and irrigation; suitable for welding spool pieces such as "flange + pipe + flange"; welding efficiency increased by more than 200%; one fixed-type wheel rotator; one movable wheel-supporting trolley; two movable welding trolleys; standard configuration :four Lincoln CV500  inverter welding power sources; welding synchronously at inner and outer fillet with four MIG welding torches; operated with an aluminum alloy wire control box.

Classical product

Simultaneous welding with four welding torches.

Standard configuration: Lincoln CV500


MAX. DN1600

MAX. 30mm