Pipe longitudinal Roller Conveying System (Long Distance Type)

Model: PLRCS-16Ca/24Ca/32Ca/40Ca

Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN400/DN600/DN800/DN1000

Поделение мнений:


Performance Features: Conveying the pipe from the cutting & beveling station to the fitting up and welding station; V Type PU roller; According to the site location and transport conditions are divided into multiple sections manufacture; applicable pipe length conveying: 500mm (front), 1000mm (middle), 2000mm (back), variable frequency stepless speed control, PLC Console and manual control (wireless remote control for option), can be started and stopped by section; automatically stop with the lighting alarm when materials are reached it.

Multi-sectional, continuous, fixed-point automatic or call-based dual conveying models

Polyurethane V-shape roller, bigger and stabler

Weight bearing ≥10T

The conveying link among working stations